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Founding Principles

1. Liberation, not Savorism. The MHC is dedicated to empowering people worldwide to manage their own menstrual health within their own communities. 

2. 100% Scientific transparency. The MHC records all scientific studies performed within, publishes all raw data and does not tolerate plagiarism. 

3. 100% Financial transparency. *At this point, the MHC has not collected any donations. 

4. Intersectionality. The MHC commits to non-gendered language and totally inclusive actions which promote the voices and lives of marginalized people worldwide. *resources coming soon 

5. Environmental Sustainability & Human Health. The MHC commits to real environmental stewardship and pledges to protect human health. 

6. Sovereignty. No external partnerships or donors may influence the MHC's commitment to these principles.

Site Rules

Site Rules

1. You must read, understand, and pledge to comply with the Site Rules before participating. Any person in non-compliance is subject to removal from the site based on the discretion of the site moderator. Generally, the MHC holds a 'three strikes' policy.

2. No threatening language, hate speech, violent or discriminatory content will be tolerated.


3. Use non-gendered language such as 'they/them,' 'people' and 'menstruators.' Avoid phrases like 'feminine products.'


3. Provide sources for the information you share. 

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