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The Pathway to Menstrual Hygiene Independence

The Menstrual Hygiene Coalition hopes to develop into a multidisciplinary, worldwide collective of independent researchers, student researchers, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, activists, translators, healthcare and outreach professionals.

This open research institute will consist of the following basic architecture:

1) Founding Principles which ensure that the resources, efforts and collective actions of the Menstrual Hygiene Coalition are - by all means of interpretation - genuine and effective in bringing about the proclaimed mission statement.

2) Reference Library containing the following content:

a) Period Poverty

b) Theoretical references

c) Materials & their properties

i) natural fibers & additives

ii) low or non-toxic chemicals

iii) enzymes & their properties

d) theory & methods of non woven fiber science

e) theory & methods of paper making

f) mainstream absorbent hygiene

g) toxicology

h) index of global regulations

i) index of global water & temperature

j) characterization techniques

k) statistical techniques

3) Glossary

4) Research

a) Research Proposals / Design Concepts

b) Case Studies

c) Video recordings of processes and experiments

d) Scientific reviews of high-tech products

e) Semi-formal updates, power points & blog posts

f) Formal Research

g) Raw Data

5) Forum: a space for the community to share & collect all things relevant to menstrual health

a) MHC Announcements

b) Menstrual Empowerment Directory & News (another directory is the MH Hub)

i) Start Ups

ii) Academic Centers

iii) Health, Policy & Outreach

iv) Government Programs

v) Microfinancing Programs

c) Period Poverty

With the above elements, this site will have a large and diverse foundation of knowledge from which to publish a number of forms of cookbooks, handbooks, training materials and technical information.

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